Dear colleagues:

The Organizational Committee of the Forum invites you to participate in UPGrid 2013 exhibition and present your innovative equipment solutions for electric distribution grids and your best achievements.

UPGrid 2013 is:

  • A new venue for annual meetings of the energy community with leading innovation vendors;
  • Demonstration of technologies that allow upgrading existing distribution grids, while enhancing their operating parameters, and break-through technologies that give rise to new markets and new product categories
  • Strong governmental support
  • Maximum coverage of the target audience at a single venue within a short timeframe and an exceptionally high representative level of guests

Please note that the key eligibility criterion for selecting exhibition participants of the Forum consists in the availability of high-potential innovative projects and technologies that have duly passed an expert appraisal and are undergoing operational tests.

Technologies that have proven their efficiency and potential will be used in integrated pilot projects for the construction of an active adaptive network and later on will be recommended for practical use in the modernization and development of the Unified National Power System.

The application submittal deadline is  September 5th , 2013

Please contact the Executive Committee of the Forum for all questions related to participation.

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