How to make a visit to the exhibition as effective as possible?*

In order to take the maximum benefit from visiting the exhibition, we recommend you to plan your work in advance. First of all, set clear goals of visiting the exhibition and make a work plan. Determine what tasks you are deciding, what you are looking for, what needs to be done in the first place, etc.

Read the exhibition profile and the participant’s profiles in advance.

You can look through the program of exhibition and choose the events that are presenting the greatest interest for you. Plan your time so, that there should be enough of it to work at the stands and to work on business program.

You can also make business appointments in advance. Determine companies that are representing the greatest interest for you, contact them and coordinate the time and topics of the talks.

Examine the scheme of travel to the exhibition. Select the most convenient route.

Read the infrastructure of the exhibition complex. Find out where you can Park the car, use a copying machine, Fax, have Internet access, order the interpreter's services and print polygraphist production, etc. This will allow you to feel confidently and quickly solve your problems.

Determine individual plan of work and exhibition examination for each co-worker of your company. This is the way for significantly increasing the amount of business contacts and business events.

Use the catalogue and guide of the exhibition. Catalogue of the exhibition, contains an alphabetical list of a detailed description, activity and contact details of the exhibitors. In the guidebook you will find the exposition plan, indicating the location of stands and the program of activities of the exhibition.

Please contact the organizers of the exhibition, if you have any questions. They will help you to find the participant, you are interested about, tell how to get to the stand or event you need

You can use exhibition not only as meeting place with the exhibitors, but also as a convenient place for business discussions with your partners, clients and colleagues. You can make an appointment in the business centre or in the business area of the exhibition.  In addition, modern exhibition complexes have comfortable cafes and restaurants.

Use the exhibition work time from the first to the last minute. Other business meetings can be organized before the beginning and after the end of the working day of the exhibition.

Additional tips:

  • In order not to miss the exhibition, put its date into your calendar
  • If you are visiting an exhibition in another town, you can book a room in a hotel and air - or train tickets in advance.
  • take a large amount of business cards with you
  • Pay particular attention to processing of the acquired data and maintaining the established contacts after a visit to the exhibition.

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