Program of the II-nd International grid Forum UPGrid 2013“International Innovation and Progress in Grid “

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    10.00 – 11.00

    Gathering of guests

    11.00 – 12.00 Stage

    Presentations of power grid projects of Skolkovo participants

    Presentation of projects and developments in the sphere of intelligent systems in power economy, transportation and conversion of electric energy implemented by companies – Skolkovo Participants

    12.00 – 14.00

    Congress Hall 1


    Goals of standardizing an intelligent electric-power industry

    The intelligent electric power industry is still being developed, there are many different approaches, technologies, standards that are not always compatible with each other and for this reason contrary to industrial innovative development. Due to this fact the main issues at this stage include development of new standards, harmonization of the existing standards and a strategic approach to define future standards based on an integrated open approach and management principles based on the life cycle of the innovation cycle, taking into consideration the interests of the main participants.

    Issues to be discussed:

    ●    Future of standards for intelligent electric power industry (CIM, 15926, Internet of things)

    Effective organization of strategic standardization of intelligent electric-power industry: global experience and goals for Russia.

    12.00 – 14.00

    Congress Hall 3

    Round table conference

    Shift to an intelligent power energy accounting system: problems and prospects

    Discussion of problems of shift to intelligent accounting systems, mechanisms of interaction with consumers and manufacturers electric energy accounting systems within organization of the intelligent network. Exchange of advanced experience on successful projects of creation of intelligent accounting systems in Russia and abroad with a brand new approach to interaction with consumers as fully fledged market players.

    Issues to be discussed:

    12.30 – 13.30



    Development Project of the Federal Test Center of Electric Equipment in Russia

    Lead speaker

    14.00 – 14.30


    Forum Inauguration Ceremony

    14.30 – 15.30

    Walkthrough of the exhibition by the VIP delegation
    15.30 – 16.00 Break

    16.00 – 18.00

    Congress hall 1

    Round table conference

    Future grids: the 3D space of relationship between distributed generation, grid organizations and end consumers

    Issues to be discussed:

    • Drivers, prerequisites and problems of development of distributed generation
    • Combination of mechanisms of development and management of large and small generation
    • Legal aspect of operation of small energy and active consumers in the electric energy market
    • Electronic assignment of rights to power as a tool for turning a mass competitive market
    • Virtual station – market mechanisms of optimal use of reserves and creation of conditions for a distributed power economy
    • Foreign practices for creation of a virtual electric power plant
    Russian initiatives for market transformation and creation of new services

    16.00 – 18.00

    Congress hall 3


    Key technological solutions in creating smart grid

    Issues to be discussed:

    ●Required bases for creation of intelligent networks?

    ● Development stages? Sequence of development of technologies and technical solutions?

    ●Specifics of the creation of an intelligent network in the Federal grid

    ●Expected result of the implementation of intelligent network technologies in the trunk Power Supply Company?

    ● Intelligent distribution and trunk lines: main technologies and practices, single technical and innovative policy of the electric network complex

    How will the technological package of the future power economy look like? Approaches of companies in the sector of information and communication technologies and traditional vendors of electrical facilities

    16.00 – 18.00


    Presentation of road maps of the winning projects of “Energy Breakthrough” Russian Youth Contest in the sphere of science-intensive innovation projects and developments

    Issues to be discussed:

    Summarizing the results of the third stage of Energoproryv Russian Youth Contest in the sphere of science-intensive innovation projects and developments, presentation of road maps of the winning projects
    Start of Energoproryv 2014 contest, announcement of subjects and periods.

    18.00 – 19.00


    Welcome party for the participants at the opening of the Forum

  • 10.00 – 13.00

    Congress hall 1

    Round table conference

    Financing of innovative activities of companies: sources and mechanisms

    Issues to be discussed:

    ●       Innovation financing – is it a governmental problem?

    ●       Innovative program financing sources – companies’ experiences

    ●       Problems of attracting external financing sources. Are investors’ doubts sound?

    ●       Capabilities of venture capital funds. Is there a connection with innovations

    ●       Experience of state companies in the establishment of special funds for financing programs of innovative development (experience/mechanisms/solutions/results

    Assessment of efficiency of innovation activities. Approaches. Methods. Outside perspective.

    10.00 – 13.00

    Congress hall 2

    Round table conference

    Smart grids – Smart consumption

    Discussion of problems in the interaction of an intelligent grid and consumers in the new paradigm with increased requirements of electric energy (reliability, quality, low cost), new services, active participation in the demand for electric energy. Exchange of advanced experience from successful projects on the creation of intelligent network in Russia and abroad with the brand new approach of interaction with consumers as full participants in the market.

    Issues to be discussed:

    ●Projects of creating intelligent distribution networks, intelligent accounting and active consumption in Russia: implemented and potential initiatives

    ●International and Russian experience in intelligent accounting and control: limitations and possibilities

    ●Image and signs of a smart consumer – who is he/she?

    ●Smart consumer: role in the energy system today and in the future.

    ●Digital quality and reliability, new service or a new quality of the network?

    ●Social rate of consumption – new stimulus of the development of smart consumer?

    How to achieve the maximum symbiosis between the intelligent grid and consumer?



    Presentation of DNV KEMA Test Center

    Trend of increasing short-circuit currents, its impact on equipment for transfer and distribution of electric energy.

    DNV KEMA capabilities in terms of corresponding testing and certification in test centers of DNV KEMA.

    Upgrading KEMA Test Centers.

    Special solutions for power testing HV equipment for compliance with requirements of GOST and FGC UES.






    Announcement of results of innovative project contest. Awarding of prize winners


    Congress hall 1

    Panel discussion

    International and Russian practices in the creation of intelligent networks: synergy effect”

    Exchange of views of experts from Russian and foreign companies on the issues of creation of intelligent networks. Pilot projects in international and Russian practice. Expected effects of the creation of an intelligent network in Russia for all participants from generation to consumption.

    Inducement report:

    Roman Berdnikov, the First Deputy of the General Director for Technical Policy of JSC Russian Grids.

    Issues to be discussed:

    ● Best international and Russian experience in the creation of intelligent networks, errors and successes

    ● Intelligent grids in Russia – fashion trend or long-felt need

    ● Intelligent grids in UFES and RSK, differences in approaches. What is an intelligent network? Basic technologies.

    ● Problems occurring upon import of foreign technologies into the Russian electrical energy industry

    ● Intelligent network: economic efficiency or social comfort?

    ● Key foreign solutions for maximum effect in the Russian electrical energy industry?

    Intelligent  network – where is the synergy?

    14.00 – 16.00

    Congress hall 2

    Round table conference

    Youth innovating in the power economy. Experience and prospects of interaction

    Issues to be discussed:

    ● Experience of attracting young people to projects implemented in state companies

    ● Prospects of establishment of youth innovative centers

    ● Development of innovative potential of young specialists

    ● Experience of interaction between higher education institutions and industry: not staff only, but also long-term relations in the R&D sphere, acceleration of start-ups

    Interactions between state companies, practice-oriented science and higher education institutes for professional preparation.

    15.00 -15.30


    Presentation of the Skoltech research center


    Conference room B

    Round table conference of CJSC Electric plants of “Energomera”

    Modern solutions in electric energy accounting based on products of Energomer trademark

    Issues to be discussed:

    ● Developmental trends of accounting means and systems in the RF, CIS, EU

    ● Analysis of typical schemes and new technical solutions of accounting systems proposed for the RF market

    ● New components of Energomera accounting systems

    ● New technologies of communication in Energomera  accounting systems

    ● Special features of accounting systems based on СЕ208, СЕ303S34 meters (split structure, two transmission media, “Plug&Play”)

    ● Integrated accounting of energy resources in Energomera accounting systems

    ● New functions in SW of IIS Energomera

    Web-verson SW of IIS Energomer
  • 10.00-12.00

    Congress hall 1

    Round table conference of JSC RDC FGC UES

    Digital substation: experience and prospects

    Issues to be discussed:

    ●     Test field of digital substation – results, implementation experience, goals

    ●    World experience of development and implementation of the digital substation

    ●    Problems in designing, development and operation of the digital substation

    ●    New approaches to the digital substation architecture

    EIC 61850 standard. Problems in the development of equipment and implementation of projects


    Congress hall 2


    Practice oriented science and scientifically grounded practice: how to overcome the “death valley” of innovations?

    Issues to be discussed:

    ●     International experience in the interaction of business and science in creating promising energy technologies: lessons for Russia

    How to optimize cooperation of state companies with higher education institutions and R&D organizations to create new knowledge and technologies (including 217-FZ, 218 resolution)?


    Congress hall 3

    ABB Company round table conference

    Innovative solutions of ABB Company for Russian electrical energy industry

    Issues to be discussed:

    ●  Generator circuit breakers

    ●  metal-clad switchgear

    ●  Medium voltage metal-clad switchgear and control gear with a double system of bus bars

    ●  High-voltage lead-ins

    ●  Digital high voltage substations

    ●  Modern generator excitation systems

    To be continued after break

    ABB: mechanisms to ensure reliability of power supply under operating conditions of Russian electric network complex

    ABB solutions for electric energy transfer and distribution”




    Congress hall 1


    Intelligent electric power as a system of systems: from a concept to an open architecture platform

    Issues to be discussed:

    ● Basis for adoption of the new architecture in the electrical energy industry

    ● Approaches to forming the architecture of intelligent electric systems

    ● The main themes of actual implementation of the new architecture: industrial real-time platforms, multi-agent technologies, semantic data processing, Big Data, cyber security.

    12.30 – 14.30

    Congress hall 2

    Round table conference Association of solar energy enterprises

    Renewable power economy and isolated power systems: possible solutions

    Issues to be discussed:

    ●    Prospects of RES in power supply of remote territories in Russia

    ●    Power supply technologies in the isolated power system: how to achieve the maximum result?

    ●    Efficiency of self-contained electric power installations based in RES

    ●    Social and economic significance of RES projects in isolated power systems

    JSC Russian Grids: road maps of the company in the development of territories isolated in terms of energy

    15.00 – 17.00

    Congress hall 2

    HIGHVOLT round table conference

    Perspective trends of application of mobile high voltage resonant test systems

    Issues to be discussed:

    ●  Needs of operating organizations – what, where and how is required to test under actual conditions

    ●  Capabilities of equipment – which test type are currently possible? For which equipment type are the testcurrently possible? Compliance of equipment capabilities with IEC, GOST and RD requirements

    ●  Trends in test developments – possibilities of improving existing systems, application of existing systems for conducting new test types

    ●  International experience and practice

    Russian developments - competitive advantages and possibilities of implementation
    From 17.00 Check out of the Forum’s participants

    * Changes are possible

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