Top List of Innovations

The contest of "Innovational projects" is the first and the most authority project, which is aimed at identifying and popularization of the achievements in the field of innovations in the electric power industry.

The competition (hereinafter - selection) will be held in the framework of the forum «UPGrid 2013» and is a project with the aim of creating a mechanism of direct marketing (selection and demonstration of the most promising innovative technologies and solutions in the grid complex), and the accelerated introduction of new techniques and technologies in the electricity industry in Russia.

The mission of the selection: promotion of the innovative development in the electric grid complexes

The aim of selection is in increasing the level of companies' activity in the sphere of development of innovative projects for the electric grid complex.

The purpose of the selection: creation of the top-list of innovative solutions, technologies and equipment, which are provided by Forum's participants.

The result of the selection: providing to the companies-winners opportunity to try this solution in the frameworks of the pilot projects at facilities of the electric grid complex.

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